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September 2017

CHVRCHES Podcast #025 - Full Fan Q&A With David From The UK


The 25th CHVRCHES Fan Podcast was recorded on Friday, September 29, 2017 and published on Saturday, September 30, 2017. This issue covers the following topics (full show notes):

Music segments sampled in this podcast included:

You can get a complete PDF of the detailed show notes by clicking here.

Feedback options: leave a comment, email, or @chvrchespodcast.

 Listen! (Size: 39.7-MB, Time: 28m52s)

CHVRCHES Podcast #024 - Ton of News, Final Part 3 of Fan Q&A, & Final Part 4 of 2013 Band Interview


The 24th CHVRCHES Fan Podcast was recorded on Saturday, September 2, 2017 (but I might have said September 7th on the podcast), & published on Sunday, September 3, 2017. This issue covers (full show notes):

Music segments sampled in the podcast included:

A complete PDF of our show notes for this podcast are available.

Feedback options: leave a comment, email, or @chvrchespodcast.

 Listen! (Size: 46.7-MBs, Time: 33m59s)

Third CHVRCHES Fan Podcast Bumper From Mike Calhoun


Bumper-3-chitownmikec-Mike Calhoun

Our 1st bumper was in CHVRCHES Fan Podcast #17 and it was created by Alyssa Dartenay (@alyssa_dartenay).  

Our 2nd bumper came from Jeff McCall (@jeffmccallmusic) using a sample from his first single "Take It Or Leave It."  It was first played in CHVRCHES Fan Podcast #22.  

We now have our 3rd bumper from Mike Calhoun (@chitownmikec).  It will be in podcast #24, but you can listen to it right now via this direct download link.

If you want to do a future bumper for the podcast, then please send email to: [email protected]. THANKS!