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Third CHVRCHES Fan Podcast Bumper From Mike Calhoun


Bumper-3-chitownmikec-Mike Calhoun

Our 1st bumper was in CHVRCHES Fan Podcast #17 and it was created by Alyssa Dartenay (@alyssa_dartenay).  

Our 2nd bumper came from Jeff McCall (@jeffmccallmusic) using a sample from his first single "Take It Or Leave It."  It was first played in CHVRCHES Fan Podcast #22.  

We now have our 3rd bumper from Mike Calhoun (@chitownmikec).  It will be in podcast #24, but you can listen to it right now via this direct download link.

If you want to do a future bumper for the podcast, then please send email to: [email protected]. THANKS!


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